Evidence of Charles Cresdee

P Mr Cresdee you are employed by Jordan's transport of Portsmouth, which has sites in Winchester, the Isle of Wight and Newhaven. You have been garage manager for nine years and you visit these sites and carry out repairs at Jordan's premises?

CC Yes.

P Have Jordan's ever used a clamshell grab?

CC No. Not to my knowledge.

P I understand they have a cactus grab, how does that differ from a clam shell grab?

CC The cactus grab has five fingers, which close around scrap metal and is used for moving it from one place to another.

P Do you sometimes use the cactus grab with an electro magnet attachment?

CC Yes. Sometimes it is used with the magnet attachment and sometimes not.

P When it is in use is anyone anywhere near the cactus grab when it closes on material.

CC No.

P What type of machine is this cactus grab attached to?

CC An excavator designed specifically for that particular job.

P Is it used for lifting?

CC Yes.

P How is that done?

CC The grab is detached from the excavator and a lifting eye (hook) or arm is attached.

P Could you look at photos 18 19. Have you ever seen an arrangement with chains on hooks passing through an open clamshell grab?

CC No I haven't.


D Do you know Mr Stallard?

CC No. The name doesn't ring a bell with me.

D Are you aware of Stallion testing?

CC Vaguely.

D Can your premises be observed from the road?

CC Yes.

D Were you asked to give evidence two days ago?

CC Yes.

D You live in Portsmouth?

CC Yes

D You are aware of the fatal accident that happened on 24 April 1998?

CC Only what I read in the papers.

D How far is Shoreham from your Newhaven premises?

CC About 20 miles.

D - Jordan's are scrap metal dealers?

CC Scrap merchants: we transport our own scrap cars from all over the country to Newhaven. Most of it goes on boats over to Europe.

D - What is the cactus grab used for?

CC Moving scrap metal from one area to another.

D How many cactus grabs have you got?

CC Seven or eight.

D Are they operated from the cab of an excavator?

CC Yes.

D What is the lifting capacity?

CC I don't know but it's stamped on the machine. The grab weighs one tonne.

D I suggest that chains are used on the grab.

CC- I can't comment if I'm not there.

D - How often have you been to the Newhaven site?

CC About a dozen times.

D How long does it take to change the grab for the hook?

CC An hour or so.