The trial of Euromin and James Martell for the manslaughter of Simon Jones

The trial of Euromin and James Martell for the manslaughter of Simon Jones took place between 7th and 29th November 2001 at the Old Bailey. The case was held before Justice Stokes with Patrick O'Connor QC appearing for the crown and Mr Walker QC appearing for the defence. On 29th November 2001 the jury cleared general manager Richard James Martell and Euromin of manslaughter by a majority verdict while finding the company guilty of two breaches of health and safety regulations.

These texts are taken from detailed notes taken during the trial and elsewhere but are not formal transcripts. In the texts, the abbrevations J for Justice Stokes, P for Patrick O'Connor, QC for the prosecution and D for Mr Walker, QC for the defence are used.

Pre-trial hearing, 8th October 2001

Prosecution opening speech

Evidence of Sean Currey, witness to Simon's death

Evidence of Piotr Kasprzak, seaman on the Cambrook

Evidence of Marek Cichomski, ship's master

Evidence of Trevor Ford, Euromin employee

Evidence of Mick Czaja, Euromin employee

Evidence of Jody Taylor, Euromin employee

Evidence of Brian Fountain, harbour master

Evidence of Gerry Vines

Evidence of Stephen Watson

Evidence of Chris Ingram

Statements of Russell Harris

Evidence of Bruce Field

Evidence of Ronald Stallard

Evidence of Andrew Hutchinson

Evidence of Garratt Applin

Evidence of Gary Hood, Personnel Selection

Evidence of Chris Barringer, Health and Safety Inspector

Legal argument on the admissibility of evidence of expert witnesses

Evidence of Dr Tom Hinks, expert witness

Evidence of Barry Clinch, health and safety expert witness

Evidence of Charles Cresdee

Recording of James Martell's police interview of 17th August 1998

Evidence of James Martell

Closing prosecution statement

Judge's summing up

Statement by Simon's brother Tim Jones following the trial verdict, 29th November 2001

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign statement following the trial verdict, 29th November 2001