Evidence of Stephen Watson


P You are the director of Pyecroft Engineering?

SW I was at the time of the incident.

P You worked as a welder and fabricator next to Euromin Ltd?

SW Yes.

P You did lots of welding jobs for Euromin including repairing machinery and damage to ships?

SW Yes.

P Do you have a copy of an invoice dated 11 th February 1998 for welding 2 lifting hooks to the excavator grab?

SW Yes.

P You issued the invoice shortly after you had completed the work?

SW Yes.

P Do you remember being asked to do the work by Roger Grant?

SW Yes.

P How did you know where to weld the hooks?

SW I was shown by Roger Grant.

P Were you worried about anything?

SW Yes I was worried that the chains could be damaged.

P How?

SW If the grab closed on them.

P What else?

SW That it wouldn't be as effective.

P What was the reply?

SW He said it would be O.K.

P You arranged a welder to do the job?

SW Yes.

P What did you think the hooks would be used for?

SW Lifting equipment.

P Does the welding have to be tested?

SW Yes.

P Can a firm test its own welding?

SW No. I told him the weld had to be tested by someone else.

P Did you deal with anyone but Roger Grant?

SW No.

P Do you know if the testing was done?

SW I have no idea?

P How important is the testing?

SW Very important: it has been known for welds to fail if they have not been tested by a competent person. The law states that the welding must be tested.


D Is the testing done to a load greater than the safe working load of the machine?

SW Yes.